We offer a range of leasing packages to suit the needs of all sized-businesses and organisations – from one-person businesses to those employing hundreds.

Leasing is an alternative to renting and is generally more cost effective over a three to five-year period. See below for more details about the benefits of leasing. Our leasing packages cover photocopiers, scanners, printers, faxes, and all-in-one machines.

Already signed up to a lease with another supplier? No problem. We can usually take over a lease, without any hassle to you, and we will probably save you money.

Benefits of leasing

1. Minimal cash outlay
2. Overcomes budgetary limitations
3. Avoids equipment becoming obsolete
4. Provides greater flexibility in equipment that can be secured by a business and better terms than a bank loan to buy equipment outright
5. Conserves the business’ working capital
6. Increases opportunities for the business to take on right equipment at the right time to support business growth
7. Provides tax benefits
8. Easy and quick to set up
9. Is 100% financed – so no money down required from business